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Institut universitaire de formation des enseignants (IUFE)

Université de Genève

UniGE.jpg Head: Prof. Olivier Maulini
Adress: Boulevard du Pont d’Arve, 40, 1205 Genève 
Contact: Secrétariat de l' IUFE

The Institute for Teacher Education is an interfaculty centre that works closely with the Faculties of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Psychology and Education. The mission of the university is to develop and disseminate knowledge and contribute to the development of society. For IUFE, this mission is to develop and disseminate didactic and transversal knowledge in order to grasp educational phenomena in all their diversity. This mission is closely linked to teacher training.

The IUFE brings together four training programmes for teachers of primary, secondary and special schools, as well as for training in the management of educational institutions. In addition, the institute is actively involved in teacher training.

French didactics is anchored at IUFE in particular through the Group for Research and Analysis of French Taught (Groupe de Recherche et d'analyse du français enseigné, GRAFE). French didactics also contributes to the development of curricula and teaching materials for French-speaking Switzerland.

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