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Scuola universitaria professionale Svizzera italiana

SUPSI   Dipartemento formazione e apprendimento

Head: Dr. Alberto Piatti
Adress: P'zza San Francesco 19, 6600 Locarno
Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Sahlfeld, Professore di
storia della didattica

The activities of SUPSI's Department of Formation and Learning (DFA) focus on initial and continuing training, research and services to the professional and cultural sphere of reference and to the territory.

Initial vocational training is aimed at those who wish to train as:

  • pre-school teacher (Bachelor's degree in Teaching at pre-school level);
  • primary school teacher (Bachelor's degree in Teaching for the primary level);
  • Middle School teacher (Master's degree in Teaching for Secondary I level);
  • secondary school teacher (Baccalaureate in Teaching for Baccalaureate Schools).

The following research centres in the field of literacy are active at the DFA literacy:

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