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Haute Ecole P├ędagogique Vaud

The department of teaching and research in
French teaching methodology

Head: Dr. Roxane Gagnon et Florence Epars
Adress: Avenue de Cour 37, 1014 Lausanne
Contact: Carole-Anne Deschoux

 The department of teaching and research in French teaching methodology (UER-FR) at the University of Teacher Education of the Canton of Vaud (HEP/VD) trains teachers in the disciplines of French as a first and second language and in plurilingualism both for the three cycles of compulsory schooling and for post-compulsory education.

In addition to research into lexis and spelling (in connection with compulsory schooling), and into the effect of plurilingual approaches at primary school level, the following research projects are currently underway on the subject of literacy:

Reading circles and guided reading: Models for interacting, developing and promoting the comprehension of literature for children and young adult literature (cycle 2)

Awareness of and familiarity with the subject matter and goals of French literature teaching and the literary knowledge of secondary level teachers from university study to entry into the teaching profession at secondary level.

Classroom ideas geared to promoting plurilingual reading







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