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Sensitising upper-secondary pupils for sustainable development through literature.

Introducing two pedagogical lesson models French as a first language

from No. 2023 | 2 zum Thema «Literalität und nachhaltige Entwicklung»

Pascal Boninsegni, Anne Monnier

This article reports how two teaching models for literature in French as a first language were trialled which focused on the subject of sustainable development (ecology, consumer society, waste recycling, etc.). The target group was made up of students at upper-secondary level (16-19 years of age), especially students of the école de culture générale (ECG) und der école de culture générale pour adultes (ECGA).
Taking as its point of departure works of literature in French and the novel ‘Salmon’ by the Korean author Ahn Do-Hyun, the themes, writing activities, and written output by students which resulted from working with a dialogical reading and writing journal are presented here. This teaching model enables connections to be made between works themselves, how these are received, and text comprehension and production by pupils. Secondly, and building on the same corpus, we present a teaching unit on developing competence in synthesising information, with the aim of fostering student independence and sensitising them to the existence of multiple perspectives.

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