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Nº. 2023 | 2

Literacy and sustainable development

The Swiss educational landscape, like the social and cultural context it is embedded in, is experiencing important changes in connection with education for sustainable development (ESD). At post-compulsory level, for example, a new overall curriculum for grammar schools (Maturitätsschulen) is under way, and is being overseen by the EDK (Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education). In order that schools can do justice to the demands of tomorrow within the context of the social challenges of today, the new curriculum aims to integrate topical questions especially concerned with sustainable development in both specific subject disciplines and interdisciplinary settings. Curricular content is to be prescribed in all subjects for the first time, including in the official language used in lessons. More

The association Leseforum Schweiz would like to thank the Federal Office of Culture FOC for its support.

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