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For Authors

Since its inception in 2010, the online platform has established itself as a digital
journal throughout the German, French, and Italian speaking world. Today, it is used by around 100,000 readers and authors from all German, French, and Italian speaking countries.

Since 2023, has been a Diamond Open Access publication, which means that neither readers nor authors are charged any fees. The articles from 2023 onwards are all under a CC licence, which clearly regulates their further use. Further information on the use of all articles can be found below.

The platform of the association «Leseforum Schweiz» Literacy Forum Switzerland aims to do the following:

  • Support quality publications on research into and promotion of literacy
  • Document activities on the subject of literacy in Switzerland
  • Promote cross-language, cross-institutional, and cross-national professional discourse
  • Promote the transfer of experience and knowledge between research and practice
  • Provide free access to past and future publications

The editors welcome expert first-time contributions from academia, practice, and cultural studies on the planned subjects. These contributions will be published in the "Focus Articles" section as either academic or practice-oriented contributions.

Other contributions (including previously published material) on the subjects of the individual issues or on other subjects related to literacy are also welcome. They can be published in the section "Further articles".

Unsolicited contributions will be considered by the editors and answered whenever possible.

Invited contributions will be reviewed and discussed by the editorial board.
The editorial team will then accept or reject these and give the authors feedback, with conditions for revision as necessary.

The «Leseforum Schweiz» Literacy Forum Switzerland has existed since 1992. 15 printed bulletins were published up to 2006. These articles are also stored in the current database. Since 2010, all articles have been published digitally as an open access online journal. The articles are openly accessible, but published without a CC licence until 2022. Further use such as reprinting is welcome, please contact us (or the corresponding authorship). We expect you to refer to the source in a clearly recognisable place in the event of subsequent use. 
Texts published by authors of a public educational institution before 2023 may be included in their repository by the respective institutions without request.

You will find information on opportunities for publication at
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